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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ambling Through Tallahassee

Over the past couple of days, I walked around Lake Ella and wandered through McClay Gardens State Park.

Ducklings are scattered EVERYWHERE around Lake Ella. Little kids grasp them close to their chests. I wonder if they are going to squeeze those little, fluffy critters to death. I kept thinking how can these cute little ducks grow up to be an ugly, Moscovy ducks. Growing up, my parents frequently took me and my siblings to the Clarence Town Park in Upstate New York where we would feed the ducks and chase them in hopes of capturing them. I always remember the Moscovy ducks as being "mean," they always hissed. Florida ducks are the same - these ducks at Lake Ella hiss, too. But, I'm sure they're harmless, right?

At McClay, I missed the peak bloom of the azalea's but did get to meet a British couple celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary. Very sweet. I met them because they were taking photos of each other and I asked if they wanted a shot of them together. They asked if I was going to the wedding in the garden. "No, I'm not properly dressed," I told them as I modeled my denim shorts.

Heading back to the car, I spotted this large lizard/salamander thing sitting in a tree. Looks like a snake with legs. I'll have to research and find out what exactly it is.