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Friday, May 25, 2007

Color Me Happy

Things have been "interesting" in my life lately and hopefully I can say what it is by mid-June. Anyway, I visited the Aveda Institute today for a fabu pedicure. It was my first visit and was pleased.

If you haven't been, the Tallahassee Aveda Institute is located in the same plaza as Sumo Sabi Rolls & Bowls on the corner of Ocala and Pensacola. Students train in the art of making people pretty - hair, skin and nails, primarily. They dress in all black and I love everyone's hair. I imagine the students all practice on each other and experiment with funky cuts and multi color. Almost in a goth-chic way. I really think theAveda peeps should hook-up with the MAC folks (they like to dress in black, too, with their bold, goth make up - which I love).

The salon has a hint of feng shui going on with its natural look. It smells nice, too.

Services are discounted, well, discounted if you compare to visiting an Aveda salon. But, it's well worth it. My toes are pretty and feet are revitalized for my big trip tomorrow, which I'll be blogging about (hopefully) along the way at my other blog:

When I return from my trip, I'm trusting an Aveda masters student with my hair - cut and multi-color for a very important "appointment."

Monday, May 21, 2007

Do I Really Live in the Ghetto?

When I moved to my Tallahassee apartment, I joked it was "ghetto-kitsch." It's not bad, I actually love my apartment and its spaciousness. I can live without "dance party U.S.A." on one side and "head banger's ball" on the other (note: I'm referring to the volume - I don't want to FEEL music at midnight on a Tuesday).

Anyway, last week when heading to work, I noticed the trash dumpsters were "decorated." Hmm. Was this the only available canvas in Tally?

When I returned home that afternoon, the graffiti was gone. Does this indicate I live in the ghetto or just have some really creative neighbors looking for an outlet?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Puppies & Flowers: What a Beautiful Day

So yesterday, the Tallahassee Area CVB coordinated "Get Out & See Tallahassee," an opportunity for residents to enjoy some FREE area attractions in hopes of them becoming unofficial tourism ambassadors for the city. This also kicked off the beginning of National Tourism Week (May 12 - 20).

How did I spend my day? At Pebble Hill Plantation (I better not be getting any lip with the fact it's in Georgia) and Maclay Gardens State Park. Enjoy my little day here.

May I just had how humid it was? I don't think the smoke from the wild fires helped but when it rained early in the evening, I went and splashed in some puddles.

Pictured are puppies at Pebble Hill and the cemetery on the plantation.

Monday, May 07, 2007

A&J Blues Cafe

I finally got myself over to A&J Blues Cafe over a week ago. Couple of gals from the office and I enjoyed a tasty lunch. Needless to say, we rolled outta the cafe. I posted my review. Can't wait to try it for dinner during the live entertainment.

Jelly Bracelets, Lace Gloves and Aquanet: It's an 80s Prom!

Mark your calendars, Party4Purpose Tallahassee is hosting the 80's Prom June 9 in downtown Tally. The 80's rocked! Duran Duran, Wham!, Culture Club, Big Country, The Romantics *sigh* the memories! I suppose an 80's party today is equivalent to the 60's parties we HAD in the 80's. What's old is new. Get your date and see ya downtown at the prom. (Oh, and funds raised go to charity). Check out MySpace.

It's OK to be a Tourist (Really)

National Tourism Week is May 12 - 20. To mark the occaision in Tallahassee, this Saturday, May 12, several attractions are offering (my favorite thing) FREE admission! The promo is called Get Out & See Tallahassee and you can check out the list of attractions waiving admission fees that day. Pretty cool. Think I'll check out Pebble Hill Plantation (I know it's outta the state).