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Monday, May 21, 2007

Do I Really Live in the Ghetto?

When I moved to my Tallahassee apartment, I joked it was "ghetto-kitsch." It's not bad, I actually love my apartment and its spaciousness. I can live without "dance party U.S.A." on one side and "head banger's ball" on the other (note: I'm referring to the volume - I don't want to FEEL music at midnight on a Tuesday).

Anyway, last week when heading to work, I noticed the trash dumpsters were "decorated." Hmm. Was this the only available canvas in Tally?

When I returned home that afternoon, the graffiti was gone. Does this indicate I live in the ghetto or just have some really creative neighbors looking for an outlet?

3 Comment(s):

That Hank said...

That one on the right could be a cool piece with some color.

The alley in back of my house is all tagged up, too. Including small stencils of Colonel Sanders from KFC with devil horns. That one did make me wonder some.

jhuber7672 said...

Guess art is all around us. Wonder how much this stuff would sell on eBay?

That Hank said...

I dunno about ebay, but some of the graf tagger Banksy's work has gone for upwards of a half million.