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Monday, October 30, 2006

Cooking it Up in Tallahassee

A recent visit to Tallahassee's Keiser College Culinary Institute set a friend to search for cooking classes in Tallahassee.

Did you know the Tallahassee Wine & Food Festival is THIS weekend? Paula Deen's sons, Jamie and Bobby Deen, will give a presentation this Friday, November 3. Damn! I'm outta town - missing out on what looks like to be one of Tallahassee's coolest events.

I was in town for this weekend's Greek Food Festival at the Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church (I didn't realize God has a mother???). The festival was full of my kind of people, folks who enjoy good food. Got my gyro fix.

But what my friend Carolyn found in the form of a culinary class in Tallahassee is offered by Brown's Home Kitchen Center & Restaurant Supply. I'll be sure to give a report when (and if) we take a class.

I do need share with you Tallahassee's Sauce Boss. I'm not sure if he's a gumbo cook who enjoys playing music or musician who happens to cook. Either way, I enjoy his newsletter and site. Visit him and register ( or visit his MySpace page:

Bon Appetite!