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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Starplex Cinema 8 - Gotta Love It

I truly love the "dollar movie theater" here in Tally. Today I went over to the Starplex Cinema 8 to see the movie version of Carl Hiaasen's "Hoot." Cute movie, a little slow. But filmed in Charlotte County so I was really entertained by seeing local Florida in the film. Jimmy Buffett was co-producer, contributed many songs and played a teacher in the film. Hiaasen had a cameo as a secretary.

I enjoy Hiaasen's writing (novels and editorials), but all his stories seem the same. Which is a good thing - consistently reinforcing the fact that Florida is being destroyed.

The movie cost a buck, popcorn, soda and gummi bears cost $3.75. Can't beat that!