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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Surround Your Gal with Fur for an Early Valentine's Weekend: Bark & Wine

Bark & Wine: Art for the Animals returns to the Tallahassee Animal Service Center on Friday, Feb. 8, 2008. What gal doesn't like to be surrounded by soft fur? Best of all, this fur at the Animal Service Center is cute, cuddly and living.

Do something good for 10 bucks. See some artwork and mingle with artists (artwork's for sale, too), meet your neighbors or meet new friends, sip a little wine, nosh on tasty nibbles and spend some quality times with the sweet four-legged residents. You'll definitely fall in love!

I'm told a local woodcarver and jeweler (with fab earrings and bracelets) will be exhibiting this go around.

Here are the details:

Friday, February 8, 2008
5:30 - 7:30pm
Tallahassee Animal Service Center
1125 Easterwood Drive

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Did You? Did You? Did You?


Looks like McCain will take the Republican vote and Hillary's taking the Democratic one here in Florida. Interesting. Here in Tally, don't think I saw a single Clinton sign. Have seen loads of Ron Paul, handful of Huckabee and sprinkling of Giuliani signs. But then again, maybe Tallahassee isn't representative of the entire state.

Anyway, I cast my vote during the early voting period and suppose my choice ranked third, I haven't heard.

And what's new with me? Just got back from a business trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and head out again on Saturday for another biz trip. TCC's Green Guide program started last night and I'll be taking a few classes this semester. I heard it's the largest group yet. Which is very cool.

I'll be able to catch up on things going on in and around Tallahassee soon (I hope).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Snakes are Coming! The Snakes are Coming!

Alright, the snakes necessarily coming to Tallahassee, they're heading out to Whigham, Ga. for the Rattlesnake Roundup. The event is this Saturday and is bound to be a biting good time.

I won't be able to make it but my visit last January has me set for at least another year or so. If you do go, be sure to taste the snake, heard it tastes more like fish than chicken. Better yet is bringing home a lovely rattlesnake memento, such as a key chain (as pictured).

Need a summary of the event? Check out my article about the Roundup.

John McCain's Coming to Tally!

And I won't get to see him! I've mentioned before I'm feeling left out of the whole political scene here in Tallahassee regarding the Presidential race. The Democratic candidates aren't coming here (for fear of wrath of the National Democratic Committee) so my only hope was catching a glimpse of the Republican candidates. I mean, this could potentially could be the next President of the United States.

I had checked Rudy Giuliani's Web site and there was NO mention he'd stop in Tallahassee but low and behold, he made a stop on Friday. (He's not going to win anyway, his name's too hard to spell). I checked out Mitt Romney's site and he seems to be doing all his campaigning in South Florida (makes sense, there's more money down there and more of his "people" and by "people" I mean Northerners, people from New York, New England and the Midwest).

I was TICKLED to see John McCain is making a stop tomorrow at the Flightline Tallahassee Hangar at 10 a.m.

YES! I thought. I was about to hit the RSVP button but remembered I have a meeting at work. This just sucks. I won't be able to see ANY of the candidates.

Guess I just have to hope when the Presidential candidates are picked they'll be running through Tallahassee to shake hands and kiss babies.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Get Ready to Laugh, Jan. 24 is Belly Laugh Day

Yup, you read the headline correctly, Jan. 24 is Belly Laugh Day. I don't think Hallmark makes a card for this one (yet) but it's all in good cheer and spirit.

I interviewed Belly Laugh Day founder Elaine Helle last year who gave me the scoop on why she started the holiday, its purpose and how it should be celebrated. Wanna know more? Read about Belly Laugh Day here.

The interesting thing she said are the magic numbers of "1" and "24" and how these have been associated with happy things. My youngest sister was born on Jan. 24 and she is one of the most positive, happiest people I know. Maybe there really is a connection between "1," "24" and a good ole' belly laugh.

Laugh often and much!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

National African American Read-In: Feb. 3, 2008

Saturday, February 3, 2008 is the Nineteenth National African American Read-In, sponsored by the Black Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the NCTE. The event is to celebrate African American literacy and make it an important part of Black History Month.

Locally, you can participate at the Wakulla County Library on Feb. 3 between 3 and 5 p.m. Local African American authors, including Barbara Joe-Williams, will read from their written works.

Participate and be part of something big!

My Three Dollar Vote

Despite the Florida Democrats having had our delegates stripped for the Democratic Presidential convention, I voted in the primary.

I can't think in advance to request an absentee ballot (when I lived in the national parks, I never needed to request an absentee ballot, it was automatically sent due to the remote location) so thank goodness for early voting! I cast my vote last week because I'll be traveling on Jan. 29.

Any registered voter can vote early, visit the Leon County Supervisor of Elections for early voting polling places and hours.

Here's a word of caution. As I'm STILL figuring out the community, don't park in a private parking lot to vote at the Leon County Courthouse - use the public one. It cost me $3 to vote! If I had parked in a public lot, I would have received $1.50 off my parking. *sigh* Suppose it was worth it.

Just wondering, am I the only one feeling left out of the political campaigning? I missed Rudy Giuliani's visit to town last week. I know the Democrats have been threatened with fines if they choose to campaign in Florida (due to someone's brilliant idea of pushing up the primary) but I at least want to see the Republican candidates. I hate to admit this, but I think Mitt Romney would make a decent president. (After all, Democrat Richardson has dropped out.) McCain's not too bad but maybe he's a little old school.

One thing's for sure, we need a change.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walk and Talk with an FSU Prof this Thursday at the Brogan

Got plans Thursday night? Head over to the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and join FSU Professor John Mann as he discusses the exhibit, "The Architect's Brother" by Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison.

I haven't seen the exhibit but found some of the photos online. It's a collection of photographs by Robert ParkeHarrison depicting man's overuse of the land then making amends. Images are translated through dark, humorous whimsy.

The walk and talk is 5 - 8 p.m. on Thurs., Jan. 17, 2008. Fee is $10 for Museum members and $15 for non-members. Fee includes admission and refreshments.

The Brogan holds evening events the third Thursday of each month. And who said there isn't anything to do in Tallahassee?

"The Architect's Brother" will be on display through Feb. 3, 2008. For additional information, visit the Brogan's Web site.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Travel to Sarasota: Have Ya Made the Trip Yet?

I spent the weekend in Sarasota to help my grandma celebrate her 85th birthday. Although I didn't grow up there, I spent four years living in Sarasota prior to coming to Tallahassee. It always feels like going home when I make the 5 hour drive down I-75. And I feel like such a college student when I bring my dirty laundry with me and return with goodies from my pal Zelda May.

The 10-hour round trip journey is worth it when I get to walk the beach (Siesta Key, to be exact), spend time with family and friends and just hang out and enjoy the city.

The Sarasota bay front currently has the Season of Sculpture exhibit with dozens of intriguing (and controversial) pieces of art. I didn't get to see much of the art, was on a tight schedule, but had time to play under the giant tooth. There was a sculpture paying tribute to Andy Wharhol but didn't get to see that one up close. Will make note to see it during my March visit.

Saturday night was an evening family and friends. Good times, good times. I started at Yume Sushi for, well, sushi, sake and good conversation. I was able to get caught up with my team members from the Rotary GSE program.

I ended at Ophelia's on Siesta Key for grandma's birthday dinner. She was so cute. I had to point out to her on her driver's license that yes indeed, she was turning 85 and not 84 as she'd been telling everyone.

It was a fab evening outside on the water. I blew my entire dining budget on that one dinner but it was well worth it. It's probably the area's most romantic restaurant.

Sunday was Sarasota Art's Day, one of my most favorite events in Sarasota. It's a day to celebrate all arts. All the cultural and arts organizations have booths set up to educate visitors about their services. Stages are set up throughout downtown and everything from folk trios to ballet dancers perform throughout the day. Best of all are all the artists who display their artwork. I was tempted to purchase a painting which was well under priced but opted to put those funds towards last year's trip to Italy.

Enjoy these images of my weekend. If you're a nature nut, pop over to my other blog and check out this video called "Siesta Key Scallop Watching." Enjoy!

Monday, January 07, 2008

January at Word Traffic Books

Have ya checked out Word Traffic Books yet?

Just received their January newsletter and looks like some good stuff coming up. All of the events are open to the public and FREE:

January 12, 2 - 4 p.m.: High School Writers' Guild Reading
Everyone's invited to attend and high school-writers are encouraged to participate. FREE!

January 14, 6- 7:30p.m.: Green Cleaning Workshop
This is really cool, considering our office is going green. During the workshop, participants will learn how to clean their living spaces naturally and how to make nontoxic cleaning products. FREE!

January 17, 7:30pm: Reading/Signing with Rick Campbell & Hal Shows
Two accomplished local authors will be reading from their recently published works of poetry. Rick Campbell's Dixmont, and Hal Shows' Parasol (Poems 1977-2007). FREE!

Also, Word Traffic now has free Wi-Fi!

For more info, contact Word Traffic Books at 850-422-WORD

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pink Shoes! And Other Cool Things at the Tallahassee Mall

When I left the apartment early this afternoon to run errands, I was anticipating to be gone a couple of hours. I spent the entire afternoon at the Tallahassee Mall doing what I loathe doing - shopping.

Yes, it's true. I'm not a shopper but am one out to find the deals. I heard this week's Sunday paper would be full of super coupons so I began at the Dollar Tree on N. Monroe (the Sunday paper's only a $1 plus tax, I save a whole 25 cents).

Next it was the Hallmark where Valentine's Day exploded all over the store. I needed a birthday card and know I can rely on Hallmark's "Fresh Ink" collection. You know, those square cards sometimes with whimsical or quirky or modern phrases. [Pictured is one a friend sent last year.]

To my dismay, the "Fresh Ink" line wasn't there! In order to make room for Valentine's Day (there must be a lotta love in Tallahassee because that's largest display of Valentine's Day cards I've ever seen) and the musical cards. *sigh* Ended up finding an okay card in large print, which I'm sure Grandma will appreciate.

I noticed the "Store Closing" sign at Dillard's so wandered in. Basically things are marked down anywhere from 40% to 75% and even more if you can figure out what 75% of 50% of 40% is. Anyway, good deals. Slacks and skirts for $9.95 and dresses for $14.95. The downside was the lack of available dressing rooms. I waited about 30 minutes to try on a dozen garments only to return them to the rack.

I lucked out in the shoe department, scoring three pairs of fab shoes with the biggest find being a shiny pink pair for under five bucks (note, that's less than $5 for the pair, not per shoe). Not sure where I'm going to wear them but I love them!

Next was Bath and Body Works. Had a coupon for a free product with purchase of anything. Since they were having a major sale, I picked up a few goodies for less than five bucks. (Can use them for the secret pal thing we have going on at work.)

Heading back to the car, the survey people asked if I wanted to take a survey. YES! Now, if you see these clipboard-toting people in the Tallahassee Mall, don't be afraid of them. If you get taken into the research office, you're going to be financially compensated. Being 4 p.m., I was the last classification type they were looking for: 35+ woman with no kids. Made $2 and returned to the Dollar Tree for a treat, Luigi's Italian Ice (only a buck!).

Had planned on venturing out to the rest of Tallahassee but just didn't make it. Maybe next weekend.

Do You Love Contests? So Do I...

So check out my post about the "Where in the World is Colleen" contest. Groovy prizes are to be had:

1st Prize - a $50 Travelocity Gift Card, and a souvenir from her trip.
2nd Prize - a $25 Travelocity Gift Card, and a souvenir from her trip.
3rd, 4th, and 5th Prize - a souvenir from her trip.

Who is this Colleen I speak of? I haven't met her but she's a fellow Floridian blogger in Tampa with the blogs "A Simple Kind of Life," "The Tampa Blog" and "The Florida Blog." She also has a few more blogs (I'm impressed with bloggers being able to handle multiple blogs and do it well) . Check her it!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Should I Bother Voting in the Florida Democratic Primary?

As a Floridian, can't we once have an election year when we can show the rest of the world that yes, we DO know how to vote?

I'm disappointed my vote in the Florida Democratic primary won't count. The Democratic National Committee sees the way to punish the Florida Democratic Party for pushing up the primary date from Feb. 5 to Jan. 29 is to strip us of our caucus delegates in selecting the Democratic candidate for the 2008 Presidential Campaign. (While the Florida Republicans are being punished, too, their party is only stripping them of half their caucus delegates.)

There is still hope our votes will count, I think it's caught in some legal limbo but it doesn't look good.

Oh, sure, the Florida Dems are saying it's still important to vote in the primary because the rest of the country (excluding Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and other states who vote prior to Jan. 29) will be looking to Florida to see who we choose and help them make a decision when they vote.

Well, I partly agree with this.

The rest of the country will be looking at Florida and how we vote but won't be looking at who we vote for. The rest of the country, and the world, will be looking to see if we can vote CORRECTLY. In 2000 we had hanging chads and elections onward, we've had issues with touch screens.

When we go and vote this year, let's see if we can do it right. But this being the great State of Florida, I don't think that's going to happen.

For 2008, Do You Have...

The 2008/09 Tallahassee RollerGirls Calendar? If you missed the release party last night at St. Mike's pub, you can order one via the RollerGirls' Web site.

A ticket for the Tallahassee Blues Festival? Friday, Jan. 25 at the Tallahassee Leon Civic Center. I won't be in town for the event but looks like a jam-packed line-up.

An appointment at Relaxations Health & Wellness Spa? Tuesdays through Saturdays they offer classes on relaxation, yoga and yogilates (I've heard about yogilates, maybe this is the time to try it out.) Relaxation classes are $15 for 15 minutes and $30 for 30 minutes. Yoga and Yogilates is $12 per class and ONLY $6 per class for teachers and students with ID. The Relaxations Health & Wellness Spa is at 2790 W. Tennessee Street, Suite 2. Contact them at (850) 222.9355 for more info.

A ticket for the Seven Days of Opening Nights? I have my ticket for Salman Rushdie on Friday, Feb. 22 at Ruby Diamond Auditorium. Really excited to hear what Mr. Rushdie has to say.

And here's a freebie to mark in your calendar, Feb. 23, 2008 is "Local African-American Authors Days." Tallahassee Mayor John Marks even made a proclamation. This year's program is called "Our Children Speak" and will be held from noon to 3 p.m. at Amen-Ra's Bookshop, 812 S. Macomb Street. For more information, contact Barbara Joe-Williams (whom, by the way, I had the pleasure of taking part in a writing workshop she conducted during an expo last year. She's an accomplished and driven author.)

Ladies, if you have getting in shape on your New Year's resolution list, check out my article on ideas women can get in shape here in Tallahassee.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. I enjoyed time with my family up in Western New York. There was snow and all! One of the favorite things I like to do up there is visit the local flea market. It's a bit different than flea markets down South, they're more like antique sales and garage sales.

I love looking for old postcards and was really excited when I found this Tallahassee one. But wait, it's not just a postcard, it folds out with wonderful images of the Capital City. It's written out from Private Alfred J. Held, Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Held. It's postmarked October 25, 1943 from the Amphibious Training Center. Hmm, will have to see what that is.

Am looking forward to 2008 and new adventures and journeys.