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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John McCain's Coming to Tally!

And I won't get to see him! I've mentioned before I'm feeling left out of the whole political scene here in Tallahassee regarding the Presidential race. The Democratic candidates aren't coming here (for fear of wrath of the National Democratic Committee) so my only hope was catching a glimpse of the Republican candidates. I mean, this could potentially could be the next President of the United States.

I had checked Rudy Giuliani's Web site and there was NO mention he'd stop in Tallahassee but low and behold, he made a stop on Friday. (He's not going to win anyway, his name's too hard to spell). I checked out Mitt Romney's site and he seems to be doing all his campaigning in South Florida (makes sense, there's more money down there and more of his "people" and by "people" I mean Northerners, people from New York, New England and the Midwest).

I was TICKLED to see John McCain is making a stop tomorrow at the Flightline Tallahassee Hangar at 10 a.m.

YES! I thought. I was about to hit the RSVP button but remembered I have a meeting at work. This just sucks. I won't be able to see ANY of the candidates.

Guess I just have to hope when the Presidential candidates are picked they'll be running through Tallahassee to shake hands and kiss babies.

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