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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pink Shoes! And Other Cool Things at the Tallahassee Mall

When I left the apartment early this afternoon to run errands, I was anticipating to be gone a couple of hours. I spent the entire afternoon at the Tallahassee Mall doing what I loathe doing - shopping.

Yes, it's true. I'm not a shopper but am one out to find the deals. I heard this week's Sunday paper would be full of super coupons so I began at the Dollar Tree on N. Monroe (the Sunday paper's only a $1 plus tax, I save a whole 25 cents).

Next it was the Hallmark where Valentine's Day exploded all over the store. I needed a birthday card and know I can rely on Hallmark's "Fresh Ink" collection. You know, those square cards sometimes with whimsical or quirky or modern phrases. [Pictured is one a friend sent last year.]

To my dismay, the "Fresh Ink" line wasn't there! In order to make room for Valentine's Day (there must be a lotta love in Tallahassee because that's largest display of Valentine's Day cards I've ever seen) and the musical cards. *sigh* Ended up finding an okay card in large print, which I'm sure Grandma will appreciate.

I noticed the "Store Closing" sign at Dillard's so wandered in. Basically things are marked down anywhere from 40% to 75% and even more if you can figure out what 75% of 50% of 40% is. Anyway, good deals. Slacks and skirts for $9.95 and dresses for $14.95. The downside was the lack of available dressing rooms. I waited about 30 minutes to try on a dozen garments only to return them to the rack.

I lucked out in the shoe department, scoring three pairs of fab shoes with the biggest find being a shiny pink pair for under five bucks (note, that's less than $5 for the pair, not per shoe). Not sure where I'm going to wear them but I love them!

Next was Bath and Body Works. Had a coupon for a free product with purchase of anything. Since they were having a major sale, I picked up a few goodies for less than five bucks. (Can use them for the secret pal thing we have going on at work.)

Heading back to the car, the survey people asked if I wanted to take a survey. YES! Now, if you see these clipboard-toting people in the Tallahassee Mall, don't be afraid of them. If you get taken into the research office, you're going to be financially compensated. Being 4 p.m., I was the last classification type they were looking for: 35+ woman with no kids. Made $2 and returned to the Dollar Tree for a treat, Luigi's Italian Ice (only a buck!).

Had planned on venturing out to the rest of Tallahassee but just didn't make it. Maybe next weekend.

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