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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Did You? Did You? Did You?


Looks like McCain will take the Republican vote and Hillary's taking the Democratic one here in Florida. Interesting. Here in Tally, don't think I saw a single Clinton sign. Have seen loads of Ron Paul, handful of Huckabee and sprinkling of Giuliani signs. But then again, maybe Tallahassee isn't representative of the entire state.

Anyway, I cast my vote during the early voting period and suppose my choice ranked third, I haven't heard.

And what's new with me? Just got back from a business trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and head out again on Saturday for another biz trip. TCC's Green Guide program started last night and I'll be taking a few classes this semester. I heard it's the largest group yet. Which is very cool.

I'll be able to catch up on things going on in and around Tallahassee soon (I hope).

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