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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Three Dollar Vote

Despite the Florida Democrats having had our delegates stripped for the Democratic Presidential convention, I voted in the primary.

I can't think in advance to request an absentee ballot (when I lived in the national parks, I never needed to request an absentee ballot, it was automatically sent due to the remote location) so thank goodness for early voting! I cast my vote last week because I'll be traveling on Jan. 29.

Any registered voter can vote early, visit the Leon County Supervisor of Elections for early voting polling places and hours.

Here's a word of caution. As I'm STILL figuring out the community, don't park in a private parking lot to vote at the Leon County Courthouse - use the public one. It cost me $3 to vote! If I had parked in a public lot, I would have received $1.50 off my parking. *sigh* Suppose it was worth it.

Just wondering, am I the only one feeling left out of the political campaigning? I missed Rudy Giuliani's visit to town last week. I know the Democrats have been threatened with fines if they choose to campaign in Florida (due to someone's brilliant idea of pushing up the primary) but I at least want to see the Republican candidates. I hate to admit this, but I think Mitt Romney would make a decent president. (After all, Democrat Richardson has dropped out.) McCain's not too bad but maybe he's a little old school.

One thing's for sure, we need a change.

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