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Monday, January 14, 2008

Travel to Sarasota: Have Ya Made the Trip Yet?

I spent the weekend in Sarasota to help my grandma celebrate her 85th birthday. Although I didn't grow up there, I spent four years living in Sarasota prior to coming to Tallahassee. It always feels like going home when I make the 5 hour drive down I-75. And I feel like such a college student when I bring my dirty laundry with me and return with goodies from my pal Zelda May.

The 10-hour round trip journey is worth it when I get to walk the beach (Siesta Key, to be exact), spend time with family and friends and just hang out and enjoy the city.

The Sarasota bay front currently has the Season of Sculpture exhibit with dozens of intriguing (and controversial) pieces of art. I didn't get to see much of the art, was on a tight schedule, but had time to play under the giant tooth. There was a sculpture paying tribute to Andy Wharhol but didn't get to see that one up close. Will make note to see it during my March visit.

Saturday night was an evening family and friends. Good times, good times. I started at Yume Sushi for, well, sushi, sake and good conversation. I was able to get caught up with my team members from the Rotary GSE program.

I ended at Ophelia's on Siesta Key for grandma's birthday dinner. She was so cute. I had to point out to her on her driver's license that yes indeed, she was turning 85 and not 84 as she'd been telling everyone.

It was a fab evening outside on the water. I blew my entire dining budget on that one dinner but it was well worth it. It's probably the area's most romantic restaurant.

Sunday was Sarasota Art's Day, one of my most favorite events in Sarasota. It's a day to celebrate all arts. All the cultural and arts organizations have booths set up to educate visitors about their services. Stages are set up throughout downtown and everything from folk trios to ballet dancers perform throughout the day. Best of all are all the artists who display their artwork. I was tempted to purchase a painting which was well under priced but opted to put those funds towards last year's trip to Italy.

Enjoy these images of my weekend. If you're a nature nut, pop over to my other blog and check out this video called "Siesta Key Scallop Watching." Enjoy!

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