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Monday, January 23, 2006

Shake, Shake, Shake...

After taking about two months off from belly dance class, I returned. I ran out of excuses for NOT going. Once there, I realized two things.

1. I really missed the class.
2. I'm really annoyed with one of the participants. She's just too "showy" - always wiggling around and distracting the class. But, she had a big strike against her when we met. Her mannerisms and her face remind me of a girl from my past who annoyed me.

Anyway, for any one (woman) wanting to try it, just do it! I enjoy the discipline it teaches my body, the control of the muscles. And if you have a bit to jiggle, that's a good thing!

On-going beginners classes are offered on Monday nights at the N. Monroe YMCA. The 90-minute class begins at 7:30 PM. The cost is $8 per person but YMCA members are free.

Classes are taught by instructors from In Step Studio. Visit the site to find about their other class offerings.

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