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Thursday, February 16, 2006

King of Horror Scheduled in Tallahassee

I attended the New Yorker Festival in Sept. 2005 with hopes of having a book signed by Stephen King. What the Festival organizers didn't tell me was that only 100 tickets were issued for the book signing.

And then, NPR gave me a second chance this morning. I learned that Stephen King was just added to the line up of incredible performers for the Seven Days of Opening Nights. Unfortunately, what I read online was that the tickets went on sale Feb. 14 and a friend who is connected to the event told me the tickets sold out in 15 minutes.

The disappointment flushed me. Again.

Not accepting "NO," I called the FSU ticket center and was told something different - that tickets have not been released yet because Mr. King is replacing another author, and the show organizers are unsure how many people will return their tickets. I was told they don't know when tickets will go on sale and instructed me to check back daily.

If anyone comes across two tickets for the Stephen King reading on Feb. 26, I know a Quirky Girl who could use 'em...

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