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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cool Things Coming to Tallahassee

On the way home from work, stopped to pump over-priced fuel into my Saturn and noticed a defunct Chinese-looking restaurant will soon be a Comedy Zone ( There's not much on the site and not sure when the Comedy Zone will be open, but I'd say it's a very cool thing for Tallahassee.

Comedy Zone Tallahassee
401 East Tennessee Street
Tel: (850) 575-4242 (HAHA)

I'm really excited about a new sushi restaurant opening up in Tally, too. It's called Sumo Sabi Rolls & Bowls. Not sure if they're open yet (last I knew it was scheduled to open in late February). The menu has all sorts of specialty and traditional sushi rolls, along with bowls of Asian dishes like spicy tuna, ultimate eel and seared tuna. There's even sake! A green sumo wrestler is in the logo, how sweet. Wonder if their menu will meet up to what I ate in Japan.

Sumo Sabi Rolls & Bowls
2020 W. Pensacola St., #62
Tel: (850) 219-7866

AND, can't forget about the Tallahassee RollerGirls ( If I were a year or two younger, I would be a rollergirl - come on, a chance to wear fishnets while kicking some ass on the rink? Who wouldn't love it? March 24 is the Tallahassee RollerGirls's first game of the season at the North Florida Fairgrounds against the Panama City RollerGirls. Rock on!

5 Comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! Just so you know, we have someone on our team who is 42 years old. Some teams have older. You should give it a try!

Can't wait 'til Saturday!

Callous Lily
VP Tallahassee Rollergirls

jhuber7672 said...

Hmmm, giving me something to think about!

Can't make it this weekend but I WILL support the Tallahassee Rollergirls soon.

Rock on!

Stacey N. Getz said...

Hey - A friend of mine from the Tallahassee Network of Young Professionals referred me to your blog, and I think it's awesome! Would you mind if I included a link to it on our Knight Creative Communities Initiative interim Web site? ( We've got some really cool things planned for Tallahassee and we're trying to inform residents and empower them to get involved.

I also have a reader blog on where people can talk about "all things Tallahassee" in case you or anyone else is interested:

We need more people like you around here that recognize the cool things we've got going on in the area and want to tell people about them. In fact, I think I'll blog about your blog if that's okay by you. :)

Anonymous said...

The Comedy Zone is coming...YEAH!!!! They are awesome!!! Funniest comedians I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to let you know that "The Comedy Zone" comedy club is opening in Tallahassee, FL next week! July 6-7

Hope to see you there!