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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Are Tallahassee Panhandlers Becoming More Aggressive?

Are Tallahassee panhandlers becoming more aggressive? Are there more of them around town?

I went to WalMart today and was asked for a donation for a softball team. At first I was really excited when the little girl approached me. I thought she was a Girl Scout and I wanted to stock up on more Thin Mints but it's probably best she was a softball player. I dropped a buck in her pink helmet.

Heading to the car, two young kids, probably 12 or 13 approached me saying they were collecting money for their church. Granted it was light out but I felt a little threatened and cornered but gave them a dollar. I'd like to think they were really collecting for their church but who knows. It was almost like the kids in Afghanistan begging for money. Not only were the kids begging but they were aggressive about it.

Anyway... I saw someone else come my way, not sure if they were heading to their car or to panhandle me but I quickly got in and left. Pulling out, I passed another panhandler at the usual stop sign. It was a different beggar from what I've seen before but I've noticed beggars tend to change locations.

Heading back home, I noticed a what appeared to be a homeless man tidying up his camp by Mission San Luis and the closer I drove to Monroe from Tennessee, the more homeless people I noticed. I was even panhandled when I went to FedEx-Kinkos on Tennessee earlier this month.

Is this a reflection of the times or have I just not noticed as many people begging in Tallahassee?

2 Comment(s):

Anonymous said...

I think there just more of them these days. The economy sucks for people who don't have a lot of job skills, or who have serious issues (e.g., alcoholism), or who don't have a stable address. And housing is tres' expensive, no?

That Hank said...

The economy's going sour and the weather's getting warmer.