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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have "Your Pizza, Your Way" from Hungry Howie's (at a Steal, Too)

Hungry Howie’s Pizza wants everyone to have happiness in their tummies and their wallet which is why they’ve launched the “Your Pizza, Your Way” promotion. Save on the wallet and keep peace in the house with this deal.

For the budget price of $3.99, get a personal 10-inch pizza with a choice of one of eight crust flavors (eight crust flavors? What happened to regular pizza dough flavor?) and one topping.

And sharing isn’t an option, you can eat this cheap yet tasty pizza all by yourself. Your roommate can order his/her own 10-inch Hungry Howie’s Pizza. This special deal will be served between now (program launched Feb. 15) and May 31, 2009.

Here are the contact details for the Tallahassee Hungry Howie’s
3839 N. Monroe Street, Unit #1
Tel: 850.562.5656

3491 Thomasville Road, Unit #1
Tel: 850-894-3100

Visit the Hungry Howei’s Web site for all other locations.

Be sure to visit for an opportunity to create an image, post it, then maybe win a free pizza!

Now I have a craving for pizza, catch ya later…

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