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Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh My, Tallahassee. You're Getting Swanky.

Earlier this summer I had a whirlwind business trip to Tallahassee and while some things seemed the same, I could see other things are moving forward in Florida's capital city. I left two years ago in May and hadn't been back until August of this year.

I managed to stop at Barb's Southern Style Gourmet Brittles to check out the new flavor and grab some gourmet peanut brittle to bring back along with some homemade ice cream to enjoy while walking Lake Ella. The selections have expanded so much that they spill into two cabinets! (pictured below)

I also enjoyed a relaxing paddle down the Wakulla River with The Wilderness Way where we (other conference attendees) viewed birds, turtles and even manatees. There was a slight fog when we began and it burned out as the morning progressed. Spider webs tucked in the riverside weeds were jeweled with drops of dew glistening in the morning sun. Hearing the snort of a manatee while paddling the quiet river was a bit frightening when not knowing what it was but after seeing the manatee's tracker bobbing in the water, realized it was one of those awesomely cool moments.

While happy to visit my favorite hangouts, was super excited for the hotel. Walking into Hotel Duval, I couldn't believe this was Tallahassee. Whoa! Pretty swanky, my friends, and in a good way. Check out my review of Hotel Duval here.

In short, it's hip, cool and chic. Be sure to check out Level 8, the bar. Appears to be the place to be seen in Tallahassee and offers a sweet view of Florida's capital. When staying in Tallahassee again, I'd definitely stay there.

Want to do some of the things I did?

Barb's Southern Style Gourmet Brittles
Cottages at Lake Ella
1671 N. Monroe St.
Tel: (850) 385-9839

The Wilderness Way
3152 Shadeville Road
Wakulla Station/Crawfordville
Tel: (850) 877-7200

Hotel Duval

415 North Monroe St.
Tallahassee, Fla. 32301
Tel: 850-224-6000

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