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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tallahassee Walking Tour eBook Free on Smashwords until Feb. 1, 2012

The best way I enjoy discovering a city is by foot because you can literally find the nooks and crannies making the heart and soul of a destination. Available on Smashwords is a self-guided Tallahassee walking tour eBook available for 99 cents. 

From the LOOK UP, AMERICA! Series, the Look Up, Tallahassee! Walking tour reviews the capital city's history since the 1800s then begins the walking tour at the Old Florida State Capitol.

With easy to follow walking instructions, there are 25 points of interest and the tour ends where it began. Each point of interest contains a historical nugget of information which is great when you need to break the ice at your next networking event or show off your Cliff Clavin-like knowledge.

Look Up, Tallahassee! is written by Doug Geblert who's penned more than 300 walking tours. The guide would be a tad better with a map for people like me – I’m a visual person - but downtown Tallahassee is pretty easy to navigate without one.

Use Look Up, Tallahassee! to find new places to photograph or to educate yourself about Florida’s Capital City. This tour is also found in the book LOOK UP, FLORIDA!

At 99 cents, this self-guided Tallahassee walking tour is an awesome deal.

Here's something special for you, now through February 1, 2012, get Look Up, Tallahassee! FREE by using coupon code  YP37V at

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