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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Keeping Cool in Tallahassee

I'm over these outrageous heat indexes of 100 degrees and more. It's a workout going outside and cutting through the thick humidity. No need to visit the sauna at the gym, it already IS a sauna outside.

I wonder if anyone has tried to fry an egg on the Tallahassee asphalt? When living in Death Valley, we had the crew from Good Morning America come out and our chef (attempted to) fried an egg in the parking lot. Problem was it was 5:00 a.m. and although overnight temperatures were in the 110s, it hadn't reached peak heat, so the chef ended up scrambling the egg. I bet we can make some nice poached eggs this week in Tallahassee!

Other ways to keep cool? Some gal pals and I met at Los Compadres (
2690 N Monroe St) earlier this week to chill over $1.99 margaritas (they have free Wi-Fi, too!). Although they were a bright green color, they were mighty tasty. I was excited most of the staff speak Spanish, giving me time to practice my muddled Spanglish, and the cashier told me he'd give me private lessons twice a week *wink*wink.* It's been a long time since someone's flirted with me, or that I've recognized it...

...and other ways to keep cool? There's always the swimming pool and my apartment complex neighbors seem to find the need to cool off at 2:00 a.m. each night, along with scream, yell and have a jolly good time while the rest of us sleep. Now, the point of swimming is to cool off, right?

Check out these swimsuits from From the name you can guess what they sell. One of my African-American co-workers exclaimed how she wouldn't wear them (and neither would anyone who's white, black, yellow, purple, etc. in the office). Of course she wouldn't! I found another site with demographics, stating mostly youthful, Caucasian women visit the site. Would you wear one of these during the Tallahassee heat wave?

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