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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Delta Must Love Tallahasse (But Doesn't Love Me)

I flew Delta twice this month, once for business and the other for pleasure. Flipping through the in flight magazine, Sky, Tallahassee has mentions not once but TWICE (good job Tallahassee CVB). The first snippet is about the semi-private SouthWood Golf Club, boasting about the rolling fairways and other important golf amenities (I'm not a golfer, if I'm on a golf course, I'm either on a cart or at the 19th hole).

The second Tallahassee mention is about Jack's BBQ (4176 Apalachee Parkway; 850-671-5300) and how it's the area's best kept secret. That little morsel was submitted to Sky by Tallahassee's Jon S. Baile. Since the new offices are out that way, perhaps I'll have to sample what Jack can do.

As for my relationship with Delta, I wanted to boast how the flight crew rocked on both legs from Buffalo to Tallahassee on Monday, but when I arrived at TLH, my luggage hadn't. And I'm a special person, granted not a Platinum member, but Silver. I almost burst into tears when the Delta lost luggage agent told me it was probably stolen. But, my luggage arrived the next day, all of it.

Now that I'm home for a while, I'll be getting caught up on my writing and blogging, I have the really cool story about my evening with the S.I.T.E. folks. Stay tuned, really!

3 Comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Nice of the agent to tell you it was "probably stolen" LOL!! I'm glad to hear your luggage made it to you safely. Since you travel frequently you've probably seen Global Bag Tags but I wanted to pass them along in case you hadn't. Really useful little things, I love them.

Anonymous said...

Well I hate to break it to you but Jacks BBQ closed last month.

jhuber7672 said...

Ah, man!! Yet something else I've missed in town.