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Monday, September 03, 2007

Message to Tallahassee Dudes: Big, Loud Trucks Don't Impress Me

Tallahassee has a healthy population of trucks and over sized cars. My peeve isn't necessarily with their gratuitous size but the loud base which vibrates my little economy car. I'm afraid the paint's going to shake off the poor thing!

Yesterday I was somewhere on Tennessee St. waiting for the light in my little silver Saturn Ion, easily recognizable by the Brillo pad scratches on the hood (no, I didn't really use a Brillo pad on my car, last Sept. I road tripped up to Savannah and Charleston during the peak of love bug season and got a little zealous in saying goodbye to the buggers. So happened some of the paint rubbed off with them...). My daze into the red stoplight was shaken by vibrating bass to my left AND right. On either side of me were large trucks decked out with loads of bling and gadgets and young men behind each wheel.

I wondered why guys do this, deck their vehicles out with bling and blare the stereo? I honestly can't recall seeing a woman doing this. Hey, I enjoy a good bass every once in a while but I'm a modest chica, I don't feel the need to share it with everyone. Plus, isn't there some state law against this, passed last year??? theory on the subject: big vehicles are an extension of the Animal kingdom (no, not Disney's). In the animal world, when a male wants to attract a female, he needs to show her he's got the goods and he's the loudest and proudest. In the bird world, it's the male birds with all the color and flash. And, come mating season, it's the males who make the noise, take elk bugling (okay, for you Floridians, the male alligators bellow).

Humans are the superior members of the Animal kingdom, yet, do we still rely on basic animal techniques for courting a mate?

2 Comment(s):

bassdan said...

Did you go to the UUCT several years ago?

jhuber7672 said...

Hey Dan. I had to Google UUCT to see what that meant and nope, I've never been. But should I check it out? Have only lived in Tally about 2.5 years.