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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Message to Tallahassee Drivers: Breath and Slow Down!

Over the past week, I've seen three accidents HAPPEN, not just the aftermath, but actually happen. Driving to and from the new offices each day is exposing me more to Tallahassee drivers and frankly people, you need to simma down, breath and chill.

Yes, the traffic sucks, it takes me 30 minutes (used to take 15) to get home or the gym at night from work but cutting people off, speeding through "pink" lights (between yellow and mostly red) and my biggest pet peeve, "blocking the box" - you know, the INTERSECTION at a red light - isn't going to improve anything. And pay attention, people! Two of the three accidents I saw were caused by people on their cell phones, rear ending cars at red lights (the other was a motorcycle rear ending a car at a red light, hope the dude wasn't on a cell phone!).

Yesterday, I saw a pissed off driver follow a female driver into my gym parking lot so he could scream at her for stopping at a green light (she was making a right turn but couldn't because a pedestrian was in the crosswalk; the truck behind her slammed on the brakes and got pissed, guess he's a driver into obtaining points...). Road rage is pretty frightening.

Things you can do on the evening drive? Listen to NPR, either soothing music or commentary, turn on 87.7 and listen to the news on WCTV (for traffic reports), tune into Hank FM (my fave Tally radio station right now) and sing along with the classics or pop in a CD and learn a new language (which I should be doing for the Nov. trip to Italy). Alright, I'm a geek, but find something soothing during the drive time. Getting pissed off isn't going to change anything, it only makes things worse. Why can't we play nice on the road?

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