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Thursday, September 06, 2007

ABC Wine & Spirits Wine Tasting

When I left for the office this morning, I was planning on hitting the gym after work. Later in the day, I remembered seeing a listing by the Tallahassee Democrat's Calendar Girl about a wine tasting at ABC Wine & Spirits on W. Tennessee tonight.

My friend CJ joined me for an evening of sampling dozens of wines, liqueurs and spirits, all for $5 (there were more than a dozen wines to sample, I was just at my limit). Best of all, the $5 included an ABC wine glass (to add to the collection) and a $3 off coupon on any purchase. I ended up taking home a bottle of St. Brendan's Irish Creme Liqueur, tastes just as good as Bailey's but less expensive.

The crowd was a youthful one but the twenty-somethings didn't dominate the scene. There were patrons of all ages mixing and mingling.

This particular ABC store has about three and four tastings a year but among all of them in Tallahassee, there's one about every month.

I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for the next tasting in town and will have to keep my eyes on the Calendar Girl's listings.

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