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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cast Your Vote for Florida's New State Song

Yup, that's right. Floridians can say buh-bye to the current state song, “The Swanee River (Old Folks at Home)” by Stephen C. Foster because it's not politically correct, and cast their vote for their favorite Florida song to replace it.

Little bit of trivia I learned last year when visiting Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, the only reason the composer wrote a song about the Swanee River is because it rhymed with the rest of the lyrics, not because he'd visited it before. In fact, he never visited Florida. I digress...

Hold your horses Florida voters. We're not able to randomly pick our favorite song about Florida or by a Florida artist. I'm actually disappointed not seeing tunes by Tom Petty or Jimmy Buffett in the line up, but so be it.

Over on Just Sing, Florida!, site visitors can listen to the three finalist songs and vote for their favorite. I don't mean to be harsh (but I'll write it anyway), but can't I write in my choice? Isn't this a democracy?

While I appreciate the efforts these songwriters have put into their songs, I'm just not feeling any of them. In fact, I had to close the computer window because I just couldn't take the off-key singing of one of the songs any longer. It's almost as if I'M THE ONE singing that particular song. And when I'm singing, that's just not a good thing.

Jimmy Buffett! Jimmy Buffett! In my little ol' opinion, Florida's State Song should be "Margaritaville," after all, the Key Lime Pie is now our official State Pie.

Kind of ironic Floridians are being asked to vote, at least it's all electronic so we won't have to worry about hanging chads.

5 Comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Keep the Modern Version of Swanee River!

jhuber7672 said...

Interesting, Anon. Wonder why there isn't much coverage about the Modern Version of Swanee River - it seems so simple!

Anonymous said...

It's time for our elected officials to stop catering to the politically correct crowd--usually a bunch of unhappy, picked on (they think), poor me, whiners who need to have some of the real problems in life for a while.

Anonymous said...

Albert Ammons (1946) Swanee River Boogie has been viewed over 10,000 times.

All versions of Swanee River have been viewed over 25,000 times on YouTube.

Keep Swanee River.
See Modern Words at

Anonymous said...

Keep Swanee River! It’s not over till the F.L. (Florida Legislature) sings. Keep the Modern Version of Swanee River.

Top Three Modern Versions

1. Vanilla Mood – International Swanee

2. Swanee River Boogie by Albert Ammons (1946) King of Boogie Woogie

3. Swanee River Rock by Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and Ray Charles

2008 Concurrent Resolution to Keep Swanee River … the Modern Words