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Friday, July 13, 2007

Boo! Ghost Hunting 101 - Wish I Could Go!

I have to give kudos to the Tallahassee Democrat's Calendar Girl. She really does find some cool stuff to do in Tally and posts an awesome weekly calendar in the Democrat- keep it up girl! One thing which caught my eye for tomorrow is the:

Ghost Hunting 101 Workshop at the Monticello Chamber of Commerce.
Cost is $35 to learn how to photograph ghosts, capture their voices (which would be kinda spooky) and learn the tricks of the ghost hunting trade. The class is during daylight hours, 10 a.m. and reservations required. Call: (850) 508.8109.
Historic Monticello Chamber of Commerce
420 Washington St.
Monticello, Fla.

Monticello is one of the most haunted/spiritually active places in Florida. Went on a ghost walk last October and was fascinated with everything I learned. Yet, I haven't returned. I sure hope another ghost hunting class will be offered. I'd go tomorrow but have this yard sale thing going on.

2 Comment(s):

Anonymous said...

I also saw the announcement for the Ghost Hunting 101 seminar. I have been studying the paranormal since the age of twelve. When other kids were reading Moby Dick I was checking out books written by Ed and Lorraine Warren. I am Twenty-eight now and my devotion to the studies of the supernatural has never been so profound. I am now a co-founder of a new group here in Tallahassee. The S.I.T.E.Group We investigate local hot-spots, and have already captured some interesting E.V.P.s (Electronic voice phenomenon) we are looking forward to expanding our group as well as servicing the North Florida area. The S.I.T.E. Group respects the confidentiality of our clients and does not release any names, or information regarding the location of the investigation. Unless authorized by the client. We are currently looking for new members to take part in professional investigations. Feel free to browse our website or contact us at Anna R. (Lead Investigator)

jhuber7672 said...

I'm definitely going to check it out!