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Friday, July 27, 2007

What's Been Shakin'?

I meant to follow up sooner with my Tallahassee adventures during my friend Kathy's visit last weekend, but I've been busy reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Sooo...

Saturday morning we wandered through the Tallahassee Downtown Marketplace. I love getting my produce for the week from the local vendors. This week I picked up some figs. Another female asked what I was going to with them. I wanted to reply, "How should I know?" But politely replied I could saute them up in brown sugar and butter to top some ice cream. In reality, I ate them in their natural state.

Lunch followed at Barnhill's and I hate to admit, but it was my first experience at the eat-until-your-pants-split-country-style-buffet and we were thoroughly pleased. A stop at Goodwill's new used bookstore on Thomasville was next (the store is new, not the books) followed by an afternoon of browsing and minimal shopping in Havana. We chilled at a friend's place, reading Harry Potter and napping (well, I napped, we were up until 3 that morning).

Dinner at Carlos' Cuban Cafe was the most interesting part of the day. The meal rocked and I'd definitely visit again. We even got to meet Carlos, a pleasant and entertaining character, not shy about sharing his perspectives about relationships. We'll just leave it at. Heading back to our evening dwellings, Krispy Kreme had the "fresh" light on so we HAD to stop and pick up a dozen.

We stuffed ourselves with a late lunch on Sunday at the China Super Buffet, another Tallahassee mainstay I hadn't tried, then Kathy was on her way home. I'm so glad she visited and I realized how much I miss my friends.

And the rest of the week? I'm happy to say it went by quickly, beginning with Zumba class on Monday at Women's World. It's a bit of Latin dance and aerobics, excellent workout! My legs still hurt, that's how I know it does something.

Tonight? Well, something really cool I hope! Sssshhh...can't tell...yet!

[Photos are from downtown Havana]

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