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Saturday, July 21, 2007

When Friends Visit

My friend Kathy is visiting this weekend which means I come outta my shell a bit. We had a blast!

Started off with dinner at San Miguel (mmm, Mexican food and margaritas), laughed our asses off at the Comedy Zone Tallahassee (Spanky Brown, the headliner, is an extremely funny guy), chilled with Italian sodas and hookah at Aladdin's Sheesha Cafe (I felt a little old) and went to Barnes & Noble for the Harry Potter festivities.

It was crazy! So many kids, young adults and adults dressed up. B&N did have it pretty well organized and the lines moved quickly. Got home around 1:30, read two chapters and called it a night. Off to read more Harry Potter...

BTW - even after talking to the dude, still didn't get the connection between Harry Potter and the Freaky King, other than he's a big fan; I on the other hand, am disturbed by the Freaky King...

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