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Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Class in Paradise: Green Guide Certification

I was bummed I missed out on kayaking yesterday, part of the Wakulla Ecotourism Institutes's Green Guide Certification (part of TCC). Happily, I was back in the swing of things today and back to class - Web pages/Internet Marketing today. I'm such a tree hugging geek, of course I loved the class! (I admit, I haven't attended a class I didn't like, but I really found the two Web classes interesting and useful). Anyway...

Jay Westmark of has been the instructor and he's showed us some pretty neat stuff. Even though I've been a devout user, Jay's classes are pushing me more towards WordPress. (Uh, oh! Is Google going to knock my PageRank for admitting that?)

I love the WordPress templates and flexibility but I also like making money through my blog (honestly, I don't make money from this blog, but my primary blog I do). So, just need to get my plan together and go from there.

Jay showed us some groovy Web marketing tips, too. Things which are easy and inexpensive (I'll be reviewing my notes and seeing what I can do about these blogs later this week). While Jay and his wife run, he also does Web design and Internet marketing for businesses in and around Wakulla, Tallahassee and I imagine beyond the Big Bend Area.

I think tomorrow's class is geology (no, Jay Westmark won't be teaching that class, I don't think...)

Before I call it a night, could you pleeeeaaaze drop over to my "work" blog, VFg3, and complete the survey - it's on the right hand side. It's a two click survey, trying to evaluate people's attitudes towards the going green movement. Much appreciated!

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