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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Conversation with Big Brother 8 Houseguest Zach - UPDATED

I had the chance to meet and chat with Big Brother 8 houseguest Zach Swerdzewski while he's been home in Tallahassee. You'll have to wait for the complete article but he's a terrific, energetic and genuine guy. He has a bright future ahead of him.

Big Brother Zach fans need to mark October 17 in their date book, that's when his Web site launches to sell his edgy surf gear and swimwear.

Stay tuned for the complete interview, which includes his thoughts about being on Big Brother 8 and what he's looking forward to.

Thanks for your time Zach!

Updated: Here's a link to the Part 1 of the interview, it focuses on Big Brother 8. Coming next week is the interview focusing on Dolphin Crash, which will now launch on Oct. 23.

3 Comment(s):

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! That is an awesome pic of you! I can't wait to read about your meeting.

Anonymous said...

Jenn. sweating at the Gym after a long day or drinking Margaritas with a good looking guy.
Hmmm ? What to do,what to do?


jhuber7672 said...

LOL! He was very sweet. In a way, it kinda felt like I was on a 30-minute date, it was nice being around an intelligent person excited about the road ahead.