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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kayaking the Wakulla River

I don't have much time to write tonight. Running around this week. Feels like I've been running around all month but took time to kayak the Wakulla River yesterday with The Wilderness Way.

It was FABULOUS!! Saw about a dozen manatees over the 2 to 3 hour trip. Best part, we dropped in and pulled out down river so there was no need to paddle against the flow. It was more of a float than a paddle but still loved it. The rain sprinkled slightly and it was refreshing (frizzing my hair, of course).

The Wilderness Way folks are great, too. Couple of them are graduates of the Wakulla Institute's Green Guide program I'm taking (which, by the way, I won't be able to take any classes until sometime in November).

The photos: Me, a self portrait; View from my kayak and some Wakulla River scenery.

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