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Friday, November 02, 2007

Plumb Fun: Too Much Fun in a Photobooth

I've been M.I.A. because the conference/tradeshow me and the office team have been working on for the past year came to fruition and Internet access was spotty. Hopefully an article or two will be forthcoming from the trip (speaking of articles, here's my latest about Whigham Georgia's Rattlesnake Roundup).

One of the tradeshow vendors was Plumb Fun specializing in photobooth rentals in Georgia and Florida (I think for Alabama, too). The first day, people seemed a little hesitant to use it but after people got comfortable and realized it wasn't going to bite, they tried it out (plus I threw a plug in the nightly newsletter about it).

I have to admit the first time we tried this, five of us got in there and it didn't work. Well, it worked, only the center person was in all the shots and partials of the rest of us showed up.

GW from a Tallahassee travel agency (who's our travel agent for the event and whom we brought along) and I popped in and had too much fun in the photobooth! Wish we thought up more poses.

If you're a meeting planner planning an event or meeting in Florida or Georgia (maybe Alabama? Check with Plumb Fun for locations), this is a must-have item (I'd recommend having it during an evening function after the delegates have loosened up with a cocktail or two). Or, this would be really cool to have at a big family reunion, high school reunion, other social event or even at a wedding!

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