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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Green Guide Class: Creatures from the Black Lagoon

Sunday was another beautiful day in paradise, at least another beautiful day in Wakulla County. Green Guide Class was at Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park.

I arrived early to grab lunch at the Lodge's restaurant (mmm, fried chicken) then met up with the rest of the group and Jeff Hudd with the Florida State Park Service. First was a glass bottom boat trip (see the photo of the manatee tail, other classmates and me with the camera?) in which we had different tasks (I had to look for the secchi disk, no, not pronounced "sexy disk"), followed by sampling collecting - dipping our nets in native water plants and non-native (hydrilla) and comparing the number of species found, then a river cruise up the Wakulla River.

It was a fabulously, gorgeous day, not too hot, not windy, just perfect. Saw woolly mammoth bones at the bottom of the springs (from the glass bottom boat), the invasive impact of hydrilla (it's everywhere!), three manatees (including a calf - awwww!), a big ass alligator along with loads of birds, turtles and other gators.

I'm taking a break from classes over the next couple of weeks, I have too much going on this week to make it down south and Sunday I head to Italy for a week (yes, already).

Soon I'll have photos organized for everyone's viewing enjoyment. For now, enjoy snapshots from the day in Wakulla Springs State Park!

Oh, and for you movie buffs. Creature from the Black Lagoon was one of many flicks filmed here in the park.

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