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Saturday, November 10, 2007

What I Got to See from the Filming of "Recount" in Tallahassee...

Alright, so I wrote this post last week, about Kevin Spacey being in town to film the HBO flick, "Recount." Roberto over at Comunidad de argentinos en Tallahassee (my Spanish is poor, I'm assuming it means for the Argentina Community in Tallahassee?) asked that I post what I saw (BTW - thanks for dropping by!).


I didn't make it downtown to see any of the filming! Darn work got in the way and I was tied up with meetings the first half of the week. I did see a CNN truck and dark Secret Service type vehicles each morning on the drive to work. I assume they were being used for the filming.

However, my sources told me a scene shot at the Doubletree Hotel Tallahassee took four takes, something to do with Laura Dern and I think bag pipers playing the FSU fight song - does that sound right?

Another source told me the week prior to the shoot (maybe it was the weekend), a little bash was thrown over at downtown's Metro Deli and Mr. Spacey made a surprise appearance.

So sorry Roberto, I didn't get to see anything either.

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