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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm Lovin' Green Guide Classes - UPDATED with Photos

I've completed my first set of six classes/field trips in the Wakulla Ecotourism Institute (towards my Green Guide Certification) and am loving it! My fellow classmates are terrific, everyone is bringing their own special background and interests to the table (there's about a dozen of us). The instructors are incredible, too, and eagerly share their enthusiasm and expertise in their designated field. I'm enjoying learning about the geology and biology of this area.

Last Sunday was a field trip to Wakualla Springs State Park where Sandy Cook, Park Manager, spoke to the group followed by a tree identification walk in the park's hardwood forest. (I have photos but haven't had access to my home computer to upload them). This weekend the group's kayaking - I can always kayak!

I'm really glad I've enrolled in the program and am looking forward to learning more and eventually implementing what I've learned.
Photos added: Um, I really did pay attention, but can't think of the tree name! October is breast cancer awareness month and bikers supporting the cause were at Wakulla State Park. Saddleback Caterpillar - no molesting the wildlife, there's poison in those hairs!

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